Year of the rabbit 2023


The Rabbit is known to be the luckiest out of all the twelve animals and symbolizes many great attributes such as mercy, elegance & beauty.


Rabbit Inu's NFT collection celebrates the Year of the Rabbit and directly supports the project in many different ways.


The main goal of Rabbit Inu is to grant prosperity to its holders through various forms of rewards.

token staking

Rabbit Inu holders can take part in the Staking rewards program to multiply their RINU holdings.


  • Pool Duration: 6 Months
  • Pool locked during its duration (All stakes will be unlocked at the same time when the pool runs out)
  • Stakes can be withdrawn early for a 10% early withdraw fee
  • Dynamic APY (APY changes based on the total staked amount)
  • Staking fee – 1%
  • No withdraw, compound or claim fee

our tokenomics


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Liquidity Pool

about us

The Rabbit is the 4th animal in the Chinese Zodiac, and begins during the celebrations of the Chinese New Year in January 2023.

The qualities the Rabbit carry, are similar to those Rabbit Inu plans to carry out through it’s community. Rabbits are known to be calm and peaceful individuals, who avoid negative energy and know how to have a good time.

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